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100% Uptime

Our servers are always running with no downtime, we're able to achieve this by leveraging on some high-tech.


We allow you install numerous auto/custom scripts for various users. Auto Scripts e.g. Wordpress

Amazingly Fast

We provide enough resources to keep your site running and allow you to scale for fast delivery to multiple users.

Data Recovery

We take backups seriously and ensure your site is always running with constant backup implementation.

Simple Pricing . Always .

Our goal is to ensure businesses can afford reliable hosting services.

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Services Offered

HostSpaceNG aims at providing wonderful services to clients to help their businesses grow, we value customers feedback and constantly find ways to improve our services.

  • Web Hosting

    We provide an affordable and reliable hosting service, this is to ensure individuals and businesses own website(s) that can serve multiple users without downtime.

  • Domain Names

    We partner with experts to provide your desired domains and also help take care of the complexities in resolving them to your hosting.

  • File Exchange FTP

    Our VPanel is very easy to use, and mobile responsive. Thus allowing you to manage/upload files via the web on your hosting server without using some complex software(s).

  • Dedicated Server

    We make provision for clients individually, each client has a separate server configuration from others. Therefore allowing them remain independent of each other.

  • Vps Server

    To enable businesses scale and provide a higher level of customization, we provide virtual servers to clients so they can provide the best services to their users.

  • SSL Certificates

    To ensure maximum security, we provide free SSL certificates for clients thus ensuring transactions performed on their sites are well encrypted.

About Us

Your website needs to be published online, before it can be viewed on the internet. To put the website up, you will need a hosting account. This is where all pages of your website will be added to, in order to be made available to internet users. However, the cost of getting a Virtual Server can be very high, especially for start-ups and developers. Our Virtual hosting is ideal for software developers, people who have a lot of traffic, and people who want to own their server, without having to pay so much.

Each Virtual server acts independent of one another. That is, each one will not affect the other. Virtual Servers are best for Websites and web applications which use a lot of server resources, and have a very high traffic rate.